The greater cognitive abilities of higher IQ tend also to be accompanied by a distinctive high IQ personality type including the trait of ‘Openness to experience’, ‘enlightened’ or progressive left-wing political values, and atheism.

My suggested explanation for this association between intelligence and personality is that an increasing relative level of IQ brings with it a tendency differentially to over-use general intelligence in problem-solving, and to over-ride those instinctive and spontaneous forms of evolved behaviour which could be termed common sense. Preferential use of abstract analysis is often useful when dealing with the many evolutionary novelties to be found in modernizing societies; but is not usually useful for dealing with social and psychological problems for which humans have evolved ‘domain-specific’ adaptive behaviours. And since evolved common sense usually produces the right answers in the social domain; this implies that, when it comes to solving social problems, the most intelligent people are more likely than those of average intelligence to have novel but silly ideas, and therefore to believe and behave maladaptively. I further suggest that this random silliness of the most intelligent people may be amplified to generate systematic wrongness when intellectuals are in addition ‘advertising’ their own high intelligence in the evolutionarily novel context of a modern IQ meritocracy. The cognitively-stratified context of communicating almost-exclusively with others of similar intelligence, generates opinions and behaviours among the highest IQ people which are not just lacking in common sense but perversely wrong. Hence the phenomenon of ‘political correctness’ (PC); whereby false and foolish ideas have come to dominate, and moralistically be enforced upon, the ruling elites of whole nations.

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    ...and bc IQ exams don't test for matching-colored socks?

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    The author is obviously familiar with Brian Page the editor of the British Mensa magazine, he could also have mentioned Page's sense of humour bypass. Yet not everyone with a high IQ can be stereotyped in this way, some of us eschew the left wing trendy ideal with its associated regressive (referred to as progressive for some reason) outlook and decadence.

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    I don't think it was a stereotype since he used to word "tend" in the title. I'm not a liberal and my IQ ranges from 132 to 155 depending on which test I take but I understand where he's coming from. Hold on while I check my socks to make sure they match. LOL

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    I am a genius, but because of my colorblindness, sometimes my socks don't match.

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