What to do when one blogger and his minions reduce the participation at PC to his posts only?
Senator Reid, doing his best Boss Tweed impression, warned Cliven Bundy it is not over. Of course it isn't. But he should wish it were.
Mayor Bloomberg campaigns against guns, but says it isn't about gun control. Say what? And why does he keep company with lawbreakers?

Due to the fact Temlakos choked his chicken, he will receive zero eggs this coming Sunday!
Primary elections are more important than most people realize! TeamNJ endorses four primary candidates and urges freedom lovers to vote.
Cliven Bundy cannot rest easy (and won't). The federal government will attack again. Because he has now angered a rich and powerful Senator.
Why did Mayor Betsy Hodges (D-Minneapolis) don the hijab to meet with Somali immigrants? Does she not know hijab symbolizes conquest?
Can we be sure the siege of the Cliven Bundy ranch is over? Or does the BLM have a longer-range agenda in view, and will they come back?
Cliven Bundy has a bigger problem than a dispute over land grazing permits and fees. Senator Harry Reid wants his land for a solar farm.
The latest Hollywood movie, Noah, mocks God yet again, like so many movies that came before it. God is a Rock of Offense to Hollywood.
An ex-Marine gives a heartfelt perspective on the history of American freedom and how Americans have lost that freedom in recent years.
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