"With President Obama, the United States was supposedly getting a worldly figure who had lived in other lands and understood the foreign brain.....

`Turns out Obama has little knowledge of how other cultures think, which is why he believes bowing, offering the hand of friendship, and apologizing to overseas savages works.

***Such activities, as any veteran of the schoolyard playground will tell you, breed only one thing: Disrespect, contempt, and, eventually, even worse violence......

`It’s becoming clear that the more the United States apologizes to Afghanistan for burning a few Korans, the more Afghans leap into the streets. So White House Dossier has helpfully compiled for Obama a list of ten alternative approaches that the president could have taken to deal with the problem.

`None, we believe, will be any less effective than “I apologize.”

Here they are....."

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  1. Mortis

    Mortis 877 days ago Permalink

    "Go with #10 and if they say no... give them #3"

  2. 12th_Man

    12th_Man 877 days ago Permalink

    "When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk. GBU Whistle"

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