It's not clear why—medicine? cars? supermarkets?—but the skulls of white Americans, and perhaps of other races and nationalities, have become slightly taller and roomier, according to new forensic research.

New measurements of hundreds of skulls of white Americans born between 1825 and 1985 suggest that their typical noggin height has grown by about a third of an inch (eight millimeters).

It may not sound like much, but the growth translates to roughly a tennis ball's worth of new brain room.

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  1. Blatt

    Blatt 774 days ago Permalink

    For the politically correct NatGeo to publish this sort of article is huge and bound to bring outcries from the black community.

    University of Tennessee biological anthropologist Richard Jantz, researcher, already can be seen as hedging his best and distancing himself from the results of his own, bound to be controversial study by saying the following: "I can't guess the implications of this jump in cranial size, but other research shows a bigger cranium doesn't necessarily mean more intellect,"

    Meanwhile, this story has the potential to never see the light of day again as it becomes controversial.

    Should the story grow legs, watch African-Americans exploit the study as a reason of why they must be given more in resources, because whites have theirs and are benefiting from having too much. The potential of this story to be used in yet more class envy by the have nots, is great.

  2. danielT

    danielT 774 days ago Permalink

    I seem to meet more and more flatheads every day. This study smacks of nonsense.

  3. Fender Stratocaster

    Fender Stratocaster 774 days ago Permalink

    I am of the belief that we all have the same potential in achieving an education, a well developed sense of common sense, and intelligence. I also believe that it is culture that keeps folks ignorant.

    Consider the family who's home schooled kid wins a national spelling bee over the family who's kid sits in line for three days, waiting for the latest release of the Kanye West issue of $250.00 Nike shoes.

  4. Mortis

    Mortis 774 days ago Permalink

    `So true Inactive....`

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