Controversial activist, professor and author Bill Ayers was videotaped recently giving advice about non-violent protesting to Occupy Chicago protesters.

Filmed last month by Education Action Group, EAG-TV, and posted on their YouTube page, the video shows Ayers teaching a group of protesters in a "teach-in."

Ayers made headlines in 2008 when his connection to then-candidate Barack Obama were crystallized -- perhaps most notably -- by Sarah Palin who accused Obama of "palling around with terrorists."

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  1. Chronic 884 days ago Permalink

    Bill Ayers is going to give a speech...I hope he doesn't bomb.

  2. quirky 884 days ago Permalink


    I trust this man to convey the message of non violent resistance.

  3. dtwentytwenty 884 days ago Permalink


    He's a dickwad.

  4. Chronic 884 days ago Permalink

    Truer words D2020...truer words.

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