This pathetic little man boy is uncomfortable respecting anyone who is better than himself. He is a scholar, to be sure but also a coward and hardly a gentleman.

Chris.. Little boy.., you will never understand your discomfort reflecting upon those who are magnitudes better than you. That is well beyond you. Just as I can't for the life of me figure out why any honorable organization would employ you.

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    What Hayes fails to understand is that the men and women who are ordered into harms way, who make sacrifices and give their lives, do so for their patriotism and love of country, and they do as they are ordered.

    Meanwhile, Hayes enjoys his 1st Amendment right to spew his ignorance, and to make a fool of himself, because of the sacrifices of the vets, who he questions.

    Finally, why is it that the media talking heads feel so compelled to be a part of the news, rather than just reporting the news, and why has Hayes not been critical of the hapless moron who currently occupies the White House, for not ending America's entanglements in war as promised?

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