FTA: "Authorities in Chile have begun to evacuate nearly half a million pigs from one of the largest meat processing plants in Latin America.

Pigs started dying at the site after local residents, angry about the foul smell, rioted and blocked access.

The government has ordered the plant to be closed and all the animals to be removed to prevent a potential health disaster."

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  1. Mortis 697 days ago Permalink

    `Poor Little Piggies.....Tough being on the lower end of the food chain...`

  2. Pernicious 697 days ago Permalink

    That explains why Chile's Muslim population is less than 0.01%.

  3. USMC_VET 696 days ago Permalink

    There are a lot of pig farms here in the Midwest, and it's not unusual to hear people complain about the smell ... but I've never heard of anyone 'protesting,' or blocking access. We'd just lock 'em up.

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