The third-party group Americans Elect may have missed the deadline to select a presidential candidate, but there are still other candidates besides Obama and Romney, from Roseanne Barr to a prohibitionist to a Stalinist, writes Ben Jacobs.

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  1. Pernicious

    Pernicious 796 days ago Permalink

    I kinda like Number 2, the fella in the middle on the top row! (;-)


    USMC_VET 796 days ago Permalink

    RWA 4 Prez!

  3. Mortis

    Mortis 796 days ago Permalink

    `Agree...Better than Obamster...! ;)

  4. rightwingattila

    rightwingattila 795 days ago Permalink

    Oh, you want Iran NUKED? Okay then, vote for ME! Mecca will be NEXT! Sick bastards...

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