That’s one of the responses from a man standing in line at the welfare office. If your stomach can take it, please watch this video. Our country is spending money faster than we can print it and there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re heading in the same direction as Greece – a big fat entitlement society.

Our national debt is now $15.6 trillion dollars and we’re spending over a billion dollars a day just on the interest payments. If anyone doesn’t grasp the enormity of the problem, they must have their head in the sand. And these problems continue to trickle down to every state and local government.

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  1. KJeffV

    KJeffV 818 days ago Permalink

    "Morons: Your bus is leaving!"

    — "Phil Connors" (Bill Murray) in Harold Ramis's 1993 GROUNDHOG DAY

  2. rightwingattila

    rightwingattila 818 days ago Permalink

    What'ya mean "heading?" We're THERE!

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